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The Evergreen Bonding Process

Evergreen makes every effort to make this process as streamlined and efficient as possible. From start to finish, initial application to bond, typically takes three weeks. Once a relationship is established, we’re committed to making sure you receive the bond as fast as possible – days, not weeks. We pride ourselves in meeting your deadlines – every time.

  1. Initial Submission
    • The landfill operator or his agent will provide:
      • Three years of CPA prepared financial statements
      • Environmental Operator’s Questionnaire. Click Here to Get this Form>>
      • Landfill Site Questionnaire. Click Here to Get this Form>> Or, if for a transfer station, a Transfer Station Questionnaire
      • Current personal financial statements of all owners, signed and dated.
  2. Preliminary Review
    • Evergreen’s underwriters carefully analyze the submission and apply our underwriting guidelines to develop your company’s “as analyzed” value.
    • The underwriters look for Character, Cash, and Capability (“the three C’s”).
  3. Management Visit
    • Evergreen management visits your site(s) to fully explain our program to the landfill operators and accurately appraise your needs as well as answering operator questions.
  4. Full Underwriting
    • Once all of the information is analyzed, it goes to an underwriting committee for discussion, resolution and bonding terms.
  5. Proposal
    • A formal, written proposal is submitted to your company or agent by the Evergreen management team.
  6. Bond Execution
    • Once the proposal is accepted by both parties, collateral procurement, indemnity documentation and bond execution occurs.

Evergreen Bonding Solutions is your one-stop solution for all of your bonding needs. With that, comes the need for some basic forms, including: