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The Evergreen Advantage

If you have ever had to jump through hoops to get a bond, you will quickly realize that at Evergreen, we’re the one doing the jumping, as we’ve created a distinct model that has guidelines specific to the waste industry – a proprietary set of guidelines based on our experience, yielding a unique way to look at financial models and bonding solutions.

Our clients range from the largest organizations in the industry to the entrepreneur with a handful of trucks and routes. Each and every organization will tell you they turned to Evergreen for our industry expertise and flexibility… and they stay with us because of the outstanding service they receive.

Evergreen is invested in all of our clients’ businesses. We have a one-on-one partnership that surpasses normal bonding organizations – we are your partner!  Put into practice, this means we take the time to understand unique business needs, make site visits, and serve as a trusted advisor for all bonding compliance-related issues.  We like to know who we’re doing business with, because we’re personally devoted to your success!

Our deep understanding of the industry and your business helps ensure we’ve got the information we need to properly advise you how to be in compliance. This includes compliance with Subtitle D regulations and statutes, making sure you fulfill your obligations as outlined in your agreements with municipalities, and making sure that the bonding portion is in compliance with bid specs. In short, we help you win your bid – and stay compliant throughout the term of your agreement or contract.